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Mailed to us: 
"I never do this - But I had to write - I've been buying and wearing jeans for years, and I've had them all, Levi's, Wrangler, Lee, Armani, Polo, Ralph Lauren, etc., etc... But yours - Mavi Zach - are by far the BEST! They look great & the fit is TERRIFIC! Many Thanks!"

- Robert Gill (A most satisfied customer) 

From Customer Service: 
"Dear Kevin's: I received our embroidered, personalized Kevin's English Canvas Gun Slips and they look amazing. I know the groom and his groomsmen will be most pleased. Thank you again for your attention to detail and seeing this order through from start to finish. Warm regards."

- Belinda Mabe 

From Twitter:
 "Love this picture!" btw love my Kevin's pants that arrived last week!

- Rita 

From Twitter: 
"Just got my Kevin's Catalog in the mail today. Lots of cool stuff.. I think I need one of everything... LOL."

- @grousebum 

From Twitter: 
"Your store looks incredible!"

- @JeffreyCat5 

From Twitter: 
"One of the best duck ties that I have ever seen. Just lovely."

- Oxford Cloth @CollarRoll 

From Facebook:
 "I am not into shopping, but any time my Bride wants to go to Thomasville, I am in. She may end up waiting for me in the car. Amazing store."

- J.R. Hobbs 

From Customer Service: 
"Dear Kevin's: I recently received my "Kevin's Field Bar", and just wanted to say it is AWESOME! Quality is tremendous, and the look could not be more perfect for my home office, it is now appropriately stocked, just wanted to let you know it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for offering such a high quality product."

- Col. Richard A. Lang II, Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels